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From left to right: Talya, Leigh, Ann, Habina, Terquesa, Marlea,  Special Guest Christine and Natanya center

Hello and welcome to the Beledi Dance Caravan.  This is a summary of the dancers who participate with the BDC.  While we DO participate together at various venues, we are not a dance "troupe" but more members that can be counted on to help promote our special shows around the local Boulder/Denver areas.

Our mission is to recruit new dancers and participants no matter what your experience and level of dance may be.  In fact, we are looking for dancers who have never tried it before.  Several of our new dancers are listed here, including my daughter and her business associate. 

If you would like to try dancing to some of our choreographies, please contact us to learn more about our promotion and mini-choreography sessions.  Remember, no experience is necessary.  We simply want to give you the opportunity to try it out for yourself and see if you like it. 

Remember that Dance is for EVERYONE - Won't you come dance with us?


Natanya is the Founder and Director of the Beledi Dance Caravan, a local non-profit dance cooperative dedicated to performing for local senior citizen communities and fund-raiser events. She has been dancing most of her life beginning with classical ballet and has spent the last nine years studying belly dance with local professionals in the area including Titanya Monique Dahlin (now residing in California), Dahlia, Shireen, Natasha.  She currently studies Egyptian style bellydance under Amina Salah, a local professional teacher. 

Natanya designs and creates costumes for herself and other dancers on commission.  You can view photos and costumes designed by her at and at

You may also purchase her costume accessories and designs by signing up with and searching "natanya" under the sellers name category or by contacting her at   Her recently formed business is called Fringe Benefits Dance Costumes and Accessories.


Dance is something that has chosen me and it continues to do so of its own volition.  My experience includes training in Modern and African dance.  I have also explored Salsa, Argentine Tango, Hula and Flamenco. There are moments in time when musical selections choose me by planting a phrase of choreography in my mind. My hope is to demonstrate theunion that I feel music makes with my body; very specific movements require detailed interpretation and manifestation. Those sections solicit the skeletal choreography, the initial step in beginning the bond with the music.  After a time, my own body will show me what fits where once my bones recognize various patterns of the music.  It is to me, a meditation on the sounds and how they feel during an experience of inside me; a journey I hope to lead you, as the viewer with me.


Amina Salah is a local belly dance professional and instructor in Egyptian Belly Dance and zill work in the Boulder/Denver area.  She travels annually to Egypt to study with several of the top masters to perfect her techniques and bring her knowledge back to her students and audience.    She has been dancing professionally for more than 15 years and is currently working on a certificate in yoga instruction as well. 


Cecile is a long time associate of the Beledi Dance Caravan and brings to us her delightful and playful choreograpies.  The dancer is a partner with the music.  If, after the performance, the audience has forgotten either the dancer or the music, the dancer has failed.   


Robin has been dancing with the BDC for some time and she brings many different dance forms including but not limited to ethnic moves with cane and finger symbols.  She has a special technique all her own and she performs at local restaurants in the Boulder/Denver area.


Aziza Gold is a local bellydance instructor, massage therapist and yoga instructor.  Her flowing and sensual movements makes her one of Boulder's favorites. For more information on her, please contact me.


Leigh duets frequently with one of her colleagues and we are so lucky to have her participation in our shows. 


Terquesa is a troupe member of Cairo Moon, a local group in the Westminster area under the instruction of Dahlia.  She has participated for years with her troupe and as a solo in the BDC events and is a vivacious and strong dancer with lots of charm and personality.


Lindsay is a member of the Beledi Dance Caravan.  She has been a valuable asset in bringing to us her fresh enthusiasm and radiance to this unique art form of belly dance.  She is also Natanya's only daughter.


Talya has been belly dancing in the Boulder area for many years and studied under Natasha of Boulder.  She brings an enthusiasm and energy that we greatly value and share's in our gypsy dances whenever she can between her job.

Ann (Reanna)

Ann duets with Leigh as well as dances her own solos. 


Lola has been bellydancing for more than 30 years now and continues to charm us with her style and technique.


Deborah is a former fashion runway model in Italy and has earned her certificate as an esthetician where she currently operates her own skin care business here in Boulder.  We delighted to have her as recent addition to our dance team.