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Charity and Fund Raising Events

The Beledi Dance Caravan  is in its ninth season of operation which has two complimentary missions:  As a non-profit dance cooperative, the BDC serves local senior resident communities with professional quality dance performances as a complimentary community service.  TheBDC also serves local dancers by providing them with a professional dance environment for developing their dance skills in choreography, stage presence and costuming and also serves local professionals by connecting them with new students. 

Through the BDC we hope to show our many diverse dances choreographed and performed through improvisation and interpretation which represent their unique experience and background.  There are many influences in Middle Eastern Dance including but not limited to Latin, Gypsy, Egyptian, Moroccan, Lebanese, Arabic, tribal and folkloric dance.  Our dancers continue to explore different and new techniques to blend their own personal and unique styles.  We have performed at many different locations in the Boulder and Denver metro areas.  Performances have included Frasier Meadows, Golden West, the Atrium, Good Samaritan, the East and West Senior Centers and the Balfour homes to name just a few.  And NOW we would like to perform for you!

If you would like to set up a date with the Beledi Dance Caravan for your event, fundraiser or program, please call 303-443-2396 or e-mail Natanya at  Our performance spaces are limited so please schedule your appointment soon. We look forward to dancing for you!

Natanya, Founder and Director

Beledi Dance Caravan