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2011 Performances

Bolder Boulder 2011

2011 Boulder International Festival


Shimmy 2BFree Fundraiser

D-Note Performance

Belly Dancing for Bats Performance

2010 Performance Photos
Emerald School

Step to the Pulse Library Demo with the Boulder Arts Commission Dance Bridge

Meals on Wheels Senior Entertainment night

Bolder Boulder 2010

Boulder International Festival 2010

Midsummer Hafla

Morning Star Senior Residences


What they are saying about us:

From Allied Jewish Apartments:

We will definitely keep your dancers in mind the next time we have call to celebrate!  The residents LOVED all the dancers, they talked about it for days!!!

Comment from a runner passing by at Bolder Boulder 2009:

"You're why most of us run this race!!!"

Letter received this year from an observer:

In February 2009 my husband and I were invited to attended a performance by the
Beladi Dance Caravan as part of the Valentine celebration at Boulder Manor. Not
only did we enjoy the variety of dance performances, but by the response of the
various residents. Some were very engaged in the event, tapping their feet,
keeping the beat with their hands, clapping.

One particular woman stands out in my mind. She was wheeled in seated in a wheel chair that appeared to provide special support and designed to hold her in an upright position. This lady was curled in a near-fetal position and apparently completely unaware of her surroundings.

What followed was an amazing transformation that occurred as the
performances continued. It was nearly like watching a butterfly emerge from a
cocoon ... the coming alive of a person lost to the world. I was mesmerized
during the next few minutes witnessing this woman's emergence. She opened her
eyes ... then lifted her head ... uncurled her arms ... then her legs ...
opened her hands ... smiled ... then tapping her hand to the beat of the music.

She clearly had been drawn into her surroundings by the beat of the music and
the movement of the dancers. The members of this dance troupe are to be
commended for their dedication to volunteering their time and talents to
entertaining our friends, family and neighbors. Their lives have to be enriched
by experiences like this.

Marjorie B., Longmont, CO

"A very great performance, such controlled motion and stamina.  Enjoyed the costumes.  Do come back!!"


Meals on Wheels, 2010

"Thank you so much for coming. You are all great dancers. If I were 50 years younger, I'd try it myself."

"Very nice action, color, beauty and rhythm. Come BACK!" "Super Performance and Lots of FUN." 

"I enjoyed your performance so much. We don't get a chance to see your art form very much. Thank YOU."

"Thank you Dancers! This was a terrific New Years Eve gift to the Mary Sandoe residents!"

"You bring a lot of light and life into the lives of elders. Thank you for sharing your passion."